Sixteen Websafe Colors

Web Colors on Wikipedia
The page I basically copied the chart from, but with more information.

I am sure nobody really is super interested in this, but I felt like maybe someone is. I use an intentionally restricted palette for this site. I sometimes say it is the 16CGA colors, but I actually based it off of the 16 Websafe colors of 1999, which are also the 16 colors windows formerly supported. I know, I'm a fraud and a sham. Deal. Anyway, below is a chart more-or-less copied from this wikipedia page but with only the color names and samples.

In order to make this page have slightly more information, I'm going to include what I do and do not use each color for and why. Isn't that interesting? Probably not, no, Oh well.

Sample Name       Sample Name       Sample Name       Sample Name
      White             Silver             Gray             Black
      Red             Maroon             Yellow             Olive
      Lime             Green             Aqua             Teal
      Blue             Navy             Fuchsia             Purple

I use white as a replacement for bold text. I wanted this to feel like an old terminal which really did not have anything like font decoration. Silver is the default text color, so it works well to use what is, essentially, brigth silver. Gray is the div background color because it reminds me of using EDIT in DOS. I feel like the "pop-up" things from a lot of DOS apps used a gray background. Some used white text, some did not. Ultimately I decided to go with black because silver did not contrast enough with gray and, regardless, I would need a new bold color then.

Lime is used in place of italics and emphiss, because I like it. Red was too harsh, I didn't like the blue inline with the silver. Yellow did look arlight, but in the end I like green-ey colors so lime it is. Aqua became the link color because I know people who think that all links are blue, so I wanted a blue color. But the actual blue did not show well enough in-line with the silver so aqua it is. I did consiter fuchsia. Purple is used for styling buttons. I left the other input areas unstyled because, apparently, it confuses people. Fuchsia was formerly used in place of the white for bold/strong text, but people bitched about it.

Actually, the 16 windows colors are approximate to 16 CGA colors.