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Philosophy Street SCTV sketch at YouTube
The first few minutes are most relevant however the whole thing is worth a watch.
A Larry Blamire Thing: YES OR NO? at YouTube
Larry Blamire talks about "Yes or No?", marching in the yes parade and taking a couple of tylono.

I have this idea for a website--

No don't laugh. This one is good.

The idea is an enitrely anonymous message board. Not not 4chan and /b/ or whatever. One that is designed to encourage objective debate by distancing users from their selfs [sic]. Imagine...

You sign up for a website. You are assigned a color, an animal and a city. Red Monkey West Mifflin. This is your identity assigned by the server. The rules are simple. Firstly, you are asked to be respectful of your fellow users. Secondly you are to stick to objective discourse as much as possible-- remember that you are not yourself. There is a small execption to this one that I will touch on in shortly. Lastly you are strictly prohibited from discussing yourself or revealing any information about your person, period.

The little execption about objectivity i mentioned is that if one looks at reality in an objective way one will see that reality is made up of subjective interpretations. By this logic to deny all subjectivity is to deny objectivity therefore it is approprate to discuss how people may think of feel about an idea-- or do currently if proof can be produced-- but it is not approprate to discuss how you as a person feel about things.

What I would like to see happen is people talking about ideas. Just ideas. Not themselves, not each other. I want to see people thinking for themselves rather than thinking politically which stance will get them more "regagements" or whatever people are calling eyeballs and clicks today.