In which I force myself to write about GamerGate

If you have read my bit on Scoring Video Games you may be aware that I have a very neagtive view of games journalisim-- but this existed long before GamerGate as it is. I have remained on the sidelines because, quite honestly, no one is right in this argument. I don't believe there's any ethics in any journalisim. Reviews have been bought and paid by studios for a long time. When you had a few-- as we now call them-- "Tripple-A" ("AAA") studios the idea was that they could all afford to buy each other off. That really was never the case-- Sega was hurting for money bad for almost a decade before they pulled the plug on the dreamcast and effectively became half the company they used to be.

I think, for those who are chapmioning the cause of ethics the wake up call was when the games media switched to pander to a different dominat narrative. I don't like the new narrative either, but I didn't like the old narrative much and so long as it's paid-for pandering it's unethical regardless who is being pandered to.

I can't really speak about counter side to the ethics school of throught because they had disenfranchised me long before this broke out. I have not yet seen a good argument supporting that this is somehow about women in gaming-- or for a start a clear idea of what that even means.

I have remained on the sidelines gleefully watching two groups of immature people shout at each other, wondering if there was a way I could make money off of it. Sadly twitter is free so I can't sell tickets. I can't get behind one cause because I can't force myself to believe in it. I can't get behind the other because it's so fluid as to be indefineable and I refuse to support a cause that I don't know what it is.

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