Th' Internet

This is possibly the bloggiest thing I'm ever going to write on here. And I'm sure that'll be a lie soon enough.

The internet is now effectively mainstream. While this is an amazing thing there's a downside. A selfish downside. Read the next sentence in the most toddler-ey tantrum-ey way. I want my internet back! The internet used to be where I went to get away from mainstream culture-- safe for the occasional AD-- but now it is where mainstream culture is. Nor did mainstream culture loosen its grip on other outlets. I feel disenfranchised. I want somewhere to go. Somewhere I'm not expected to care about celebrities. Somewhere that alternative humor and media can flourish.

Surely these places must still exist. Probably online somewhere. Just not anywhere I've found. It isn't so much that I want to feel like I belong, but rather a lot of mainstream media never clicked with me. It still doesn't. I'm not trying to seem different or special, I've just always been wired a little differently. It sounds trite, I suppose but it's how I am. Of course that's not to say no mainstream media has ever interested me. But Game of Thrones is dull. I had zero interest in Breaking Bad-- oh and I had been joking about chem teachers making meth for years before that show aired. Not watching TV is the most socially crippling thing you can do, it seems.

Then there's politics. Can't get away from that online. Films... all online. Music... online. I'm beginning to lose my interest in the internet in general because it's the same offline world I've have little interest in. But then... where do I go? What do I do with myself? If there's nowhere left for me... well, then what? I'm seriously at a loss here.

I've been burning through hobbies at an unsustainable rate looking for new experiences. Once the novelty wears off so does my interest. I just want to enjoy things again. I want to have a place I can enjoy things without being judged by people who-- quite honestly-- have no business judging anyone.

I want to enjoy things again.

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