Bent out of Shape

This is a free game you can play in your browser here. I'm not sure why you wouldn't just go and play it since it's cheap as free including sales tax / VAT / HST or whatever your country calls it.

It's a short game and there's not much to say about it but has that ever stopped me before? Of course not!


The came controls with WASD to move and jump and spacebar to interact... which is fine though I'm not sure why it wasn't just a point-and-click affair. It controls well enough, maybe making the player hold the button to walk makes the pacing feel better than watching the player character plod about. Or the novelty of jumping on your desk was too much to pass up for the devs.

It's really more of a narrative than a game, which isn't awful. It doesn't pretend to be game that wants to be a film, it runs more like a visual novel, really. Which is exactly what the game wants to be, so it works.

Game Something Ending Happens

If you're familiar with the videos of filmcow the ending won't really be a surprise but if you enjoy their work it will be enjoyable. This may be a your-milage-may-vary case...

B+. Short, plays like the game it wants to be. Enjoyable and funny to boot.

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