What is an FAQ?
Something whcih is still under devlopment.
What even is this...?
I thought it would be fun(ny) for Simmers on Discord had a sims 1 town and story. So I made this.
What has changed about the site?
Hope you guys are ready for the laziest changelog ever...
1.12 - Corrected a VA lot location. Added bouncy red YOU ARE HERE arrow and changed nessie behavior to use CSS animations to facilitate more complex animations downtown. Also, Nessie can now do her shopping in the downtown district, assuming she elects to get out of the water. Also, Studiotown now has lights.
1.1 - Map now easier to navagate. Various improvements.
1.0 - First episode added. Things ought to be working as intended mostly.
0.3 - Support for downtown, vacation island, studio town and magic town. need to create animated backgrounds for them however the framework is in place. God bless eveyrthing being 800x600.
0.2 - Additional content and assets Cursor is now a hand, also custom cursors.
0.1 - Created framework.
0.0 - Launched