Supernatural Probibility Calculator

This is about The Sims 2. I'm sure some of you are disappointed for various reasons.

In sims 2, supernatural states are not automagically passed on through genetics. Some states (zombies, servos) are not fertile, while plant sims have their own life cycle and can polinate. This leaves us with vampires, werewolves and witches who need to inherit. To solve this, I devloped a rule of eights. Conslt the table to the right.

Relation Of Eight Per Cent
Parent 4 / 8 50%
Grandparent 2 / 8 25%
Great-Grandparent 1 / 8 12.5%

Now, vampires and witches use a slightly more comples addative method. Vamprisim is passed through males and Witchiness is passed through females, however the math works out he same. For each side of the family (That is, each parent's side) the closest valid relation is used. This means that if two witches get married, the mother-- if she were a witch-- would contribute 4/8 (50%) and the father's mother-- again, were she a witch-- would contribue an additional 2/8 (25%). This means there is a 6/8 (75%) chance the child will be a witch. A lesbian witch couple would have a 8/8 (100%) chance of producing a witch child even if the child were male, while two warlocks could have as little as no chance, if the nearest witch in both their families would be the newborn's great-great grandparent.. Vamprisim works the same way, but wih males relations and the same logic applies. Two gay male vampires have 100% chance of producing vampiric offspring, while it is possible for two female vampires to be unable to pass it on at all, depending how closely they are related to a male vampire.

Werewolves use a slightly different system. It uses the single nearest relation who is a werewolf as per the chart, but does not add up. This means that there is never more than a 50% chance of offpring being a werewolf.

Same sex couples get a bit of special consiteration in that you are permitted to use the nearest generation. Therefore, it is possible for both grandparents to be counted if they are a gay couple of valid lifestate.

For my laziness and maybe your use every time you load this page it rolls the dice for a sim and tells you the relation combination required for them to have tha state. You can see this in the other table below.On the table I describe the most common minimum relations, but other combinations may mathematically work.

State Chance Relation Posibilities
    (At least...)
Vampirisim 5 / 8 One valid grandparent and one valid great-grandparent.
Witchiness 1 / 8 Two valid parents.
Lycanthropy 8 / 8 Any valid relation.