Been in a very weird mood lately. I was involved with a group for 7 years, then they sort of softly pushed me out on a sort of forced break but said I was welcome back and so on. This was about a year and a half ago. Well, I looked into going back and they made it fairly and firmly clear they don't want me to come back.

In addition to that other groups I have been in didn't survive COVID and are disbanded permeantly or the sites just shut down because the user-based funding dried up during COVID so I really don't have a place in person or online to 'go' anymore.

There is one other group where I really just wasn't thrilled with how they were doing things anymore. I don't want to be so dramatic t say I left in disgust but being a part of a group where I feel they are being exclusive really makes me uncomfortable. It makes me wonder how long until they look inward and I am not longer one of the desierable people to keep around.

On top of it those things I feel like have a hard time fitting in a lot of places, I tend to be very individualistic which seems to make me unpopular in a lot of online groups where they are more concerned with surrounding themselves with people who all think and feel the same about things.