Between 2013 and probably 2021 I was inolved with a fan convention called JemCon. I suppose it's still going-- I haven't kept up. I didn't want to write this. I didn't write this for a long time. I thought about not publishing this, but it's hard to write without an audience-- even though I dobut anyone reads this blog. Maybe I'll leave this unlisted-- or maybe not. Originally, I had a much longer post but this isn't about who lied to me, or excluded me or whatever. I don't even care enough to start drama with them anymore. I wish them all the best in whatever they're doing now and hope they find the audience they're trying to cater to, because it's not me.

The JemCon I left was not the JemCon I originally went to. By the same token the person I was when I was reorganized out of JemCon is not the person I originally was when I started going. It was a small, intimate convention of under 100 people that felt like an accepting extended family. When I left, it was only slightly larger, but it felt like a classist, unaccepting extended family. I don't know what changed, exactly-- about myself or the convention. I was on staff, and the events started to drift more to things I wasn't interested in. I was basically paying to be an employee, but they were my friends and I did still enjoy myself. When I brought up concerns about the changing and programming and was told "not everything is for you."

"Not everything is for you."
Well, that's a fine thing to say when you have something that is for you.

This last paragraph is because reading comprehension is so poor these days. I'm going to spell out my point. When that thing that you felt had been for you for years has changed and is no longer the place that allows you to be your very weird self you have to make a choice-- to become inauthentic or to move on. The choice to move on was made for me, as I was re-organized out and then excluded from future comunications I should have been part of.

Anyway, I feel Alone.

The Loneliest Platypus.