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Leo is outgoing and perhaps a little crazy. He is the town's local mad scientist... among other things. He's nice in a weird way, really...

Leo is currently self-employed, which is a nice way of saying "unemployed."

Leo has no skills, yet.

Leo is currently in a relationship with Zanfall.

Zanfall is kind and also the de facto town events coordinator. Lord knows how he puts up with his boyfriend, Leo.

Zanfall is currently beta testing software in exchange for money. Totally legal and legit software. Yep.

Zanfall has no skills, yet.

Zanfall is currently in a relationship with Leo.

Catron2001 is who was adopted by Leo and Zanfall (but mostly Leo).

Catron2001 is very friendly and not much else.

Catron2001 has no skills, yet.

Sim Lane Castle is a castle which was built as an ill-fated tourist attraction in the late 1980's. It was sold to a number of people before Leo had the chance to buy it from a dishonest used fruit salesman. The building is old and drafty but "It's a **** castle!" God bless Zanfall.