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"Not everything is for you." is a fine thing to say when you have something that is for you. (June 10th 2024)

(June 10 2024) JemCon
Not everything is for me. Nothing is for me.
(December 10 2023) Losing Touch
This sort of lost focus in the middle, or maybe it didn't.
(Apr 16 2023) Alone
a blahg post about lonliness. This is a personal one someone might be able to use to incriminate me, someday. Luckily, no one reads anything I post.
(Feb 26 2023)Annual Update
I ended up not using the blog as much as I thought I would. I'm not dead, although what's the difference?
(Feb 20 2022) Finally! Hot Chocolate
I finally figure out how to make my own hot chocolate.
(Sep 19 2021) On Video Content
In which I am clearly a dinosuar and nobody reads anymore it's not important to teach kids to read shut up.
(Sep 13 2021) Just an update
Well, I've started the blog thing, finally. Only took seven months for what only needed to be one line of PHP, but there ya go.
(Mar 4 2021) Just an update
I think I'm going to start writing on my blog here more regularly. It's helpful to get stuff out.
(Nov 21 2018) Songlist
A new page which will be updated as I go. This one is a list of odd, interesting and rare songs that I would like to make people aware of.
(Jul 13 2018) Recipes
Biscut Recipie added.
(June 26 2018) What Makes me Different
Apparently thinking about death all the time isn't normal.
(June 16 2018) MyBi
A talk about being bisexual and how things have changed.
(Mar 19 2018) Recipes
Added a page of my adaptations to recipes.
(Feb 28 2018) What's That in Bison Dollars?
Converts currency to GBP then multiplies by five, as that is the exchange rate they will aggree to.
(Jan 9 2018) TS2 Supernatural Calculations
As if life were already not difficult, I share my convolouted method for calculating sims 2 lifestate inheretence.