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As soon as I write an MOTD it's out of date. Have a Holiday. ☃. (December 20 2017)

(Jan 9 2018) TS2 Supernatural Calculations
As if life were already not difficult, I share my convolouted method for calculating sims 2 lifestate inheretence.
(Dec 20 2017) Updates
Some things which used to be on the navbar are now on the Projects Page. This will help keep the navbar tidy. Also, with the next update I will likely push the old updates to a seperate newspage, no need to have two full years of updates here. Everything will still be in the catalog, though. Correction: I have move the 2016 news to Old News already.
(Dec 12 2017) Sixteen Websafe Colors
Designing a website around restricted colors for no reason.
(Dec 11 2017) Rando Changes
Not making a whole page for this, but there's no more comments 'cause nobody ever left me any comments anyway and my twatter is now on the same bar as the other stuff.
(June 12 2017) TS2 Fixes
A guide to getting The Sims 2 to look nicer and work better on newer machines.
(March 22 2017) What I Want From Gaming
Why I play games and why I like (some) of the games I do.
(March 12 2017) Feelings
I talk about my feelings.
(January 16 2017) Th' Internet
I just want to enjoy things again.
(January 10 2017) How to a Website and What Need
A quick and dirty HTML tutorial with bonus PHP for how to be lazy.
(January 7 2017) New Games: Why they just aren't working for me
Why I'm not as into gaming as I used to be.