Old News


(October 6 2016) Taco Bell Menu Item Generator
Generate Taco Bell menu items.
(August 15 2016) Well, Time Spent
🎵 And if we take our time 🎵 Now and forever 🎵 Everything will be okay 🎵
(July 1 2016) 2 Blog 2 Post
In which I poorly explain self-doubt.
(June 15 2016) Effectively a Blog Post
I get mad at my job and decide to go back to school... and do it all in about four days.
(May 22 2016) Grading Games, Art Class and Me
In which I do a sort of personal blog thing about my life and it it into how I arrive at the letter scores for games.
(April 29 2016) The Most Pointless Thing Here, to Date
The Raccoon Who Lost Their Shape - the story of something or other
(April 26 2016) On Undertale
I dare to dislike a popular video game.
(April 25 2016) Mario Maker and Newgrounds 3gether 5ever
In which I discuss what's wrong with popularity contests.
(April 24 2016) 16 Colors
Here's a tutorial on how to make Photoshop give you 16-color images like I use here. Good news -- I already did the hard work for you.
(April 22 2016) Not a Review of Starfox Zero
In which I don't review Star Fox Zero no matter how much it seems like I do.
(April 19 2016) Discourse we Travel
Talking about talking about things and how we talk about talking about things.
(April 13 2016) Ethics
This article brought to you by another blog forcing me to think about GamerGate harder than I wanted to..
(April 08 2016) Scoring Video Games
A scoring system for video games designed to be exploited through bribery.
(Sometime 2016) Cases in Constructed Languages
Musings on cases in constructed languages.